Everyone knows that morning is the period of time between 12AM in the mid night to 12PM in the noon hour. Morning strictly ends at noon, which is when afternoon starts. A morning routine of a successful people with healthy habits sets the tone for the rest of the day, helping you get organized, stay focused and be at the top of your game. Benjamin Franklin started his morning by planning what he would do with each hour of the day. It works for Tahra Makinson-Sanders, owner of TMak Sportswear, too. Filling out a productivity planner is the first thing she does when she sits down at her desk at 8 a.m.

Most people often feel that our mornings slip away without accomplishing much that we desire.  The author acknowledges this state of helplessness, where we have our sights on the clock but tackle less important activities, and sidelining the important stuff. Drawing from the author personal experience, the author cites the challenges he faces every morning while juggling her responsibilities as a student, and creating the right state of mind for the workday. Most people also encounter the same problems on a daily basis. It is one thing to be out of bed early, it is another thing to find a way around the numerous hurdles that we might face before the start of work.

Even when we eventually get ourselves to work in one piece, it is common to waste time on less relevant chores, preparing for daily studies or looking through content online that is of no importance to our studies or job. More so, a 2011 poll by National Sleep Foundation revealed that, though, an average person, aged 30-45, wakes up by 5:59 am, he/she still do not start their official duties until 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m.

Instead of subjecting our mornings to mindless tasks, the author lists three categories of activities that should define our mornings.

  • The first involves you cultivating career optimizing morning culture while
  • The second should encompass activities beyond the primary personal care we owe our family. As well, we should dedicate time to nurturing ourselves.
  • The last category involves activities where we seclude ourselves to enjoy our hobby, meditate, workout, or pray. Regardless of the combination of any of these options, this time frame is ours and it goes a long way to define our output. As such, when we stick to active early morning schedules, we will discover that our mornings can defy the chaos and unproductively tag we give them.

More importantly, the most successful people know the essence of having a productive morning. And so, they have adopted good morning habits that would help them make while the average person is still struggling with basic morning hassles.

To hammer home this point, the author highlighted examples of prominent individuals with morning habits that have seemingly propelled their high-achieving status. One of such individuals is Steve Reinemund, PepsiCo’s former CEO/Chairman. He starts his day doing a four-mile run on a treadmill by 5:00 a.m., after which he embarks on a culmination of activities ranging from reading, praying, or meditating.”

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